Having the right gear is essential for any wilderness trip. With much thought and preparation, the following list of survival tools have been selected to accompany us on our Yukon River trip.

Most of these items can be purchased directly from this website, excluding firearms. If we cannot supply these items to you, there is a link to available vendors.

More products will be added to this list as the organization of our trip progresses!


If you need to stop bleeding fast, Quik Clot is the way to go. Similar to Celox, Quik Clot will stop bleeding in the field. This is a must for any first aid kit.

It can save lives!

Many, many uses. Not just used for surgical procedures. This tool can also be used for sewing, repairing, and is great when working with anything small.

Hopefully, this is a tool that you will never need to use. We won’t discuss proper procedures of using sutures and syringes; however, it is really good to know that these first aid items are available if needed.

Great for trips where you will be around water because Vet Wrap does not absorb water. Sticking to itself, the possibilities are endless.

Generally considered a step up from Quik Clot, Celox will not burn the patient. This 35 gram pouch is appropriate for treating extreme arterial bleeding. CELOX is non-exothermic (will not burn patients), and works even with hypothermic patients and on Heparinized blood.

A must have!