Having the right gear is essential for any wilderness trip. With much thought and preparation, the following list of survival tools have been selected to accompany us on our Yukon River trip.

Most of these items can be purchased directly from this website, excluding firearms. If we cannot supply these items to you, there is a link to available vendors.

More products will be added to this list as the organization of our trip progresses!


“Exploring The Upper Yukon River - Part 1 - Whitehorse to Carmacks” is an excellent reference guide to this part of the river.

Rich with history and navigable landmarks, this book will prove to be invaluable on the Yukon River. It can be difficult to find up-to-date information about the Yukon River, and this book gives great detail about the specifics of the river and what to expect when traveling upon it.

There is also great information about Lake Laberge, including when to expect the ice to break.

Like the previous book, “Exploring The Upper Yukon River - Part 2 - Carmacks to Dawson City” is an excellent reference guide to the second part of the river.

Rich with history and navigable landmarks, this book, like the first of the series, will prove to be invaluable on the Yukon River. Current information about the Yukon River is listed within its pages. Worth more than the gold you may find along the river, these two books will help you along your journey.

As stated on Amazon, this book is the authoritative introduction to more than 70 of Alaska's most common wild edible plants, with identification information and recipes.

Wondering whether or not to eat that beautiful plant? With this full photo and preparation guide, you won’t have to play dietary roulette if forced to partake of the wild edibles in Alaska.

Easily spotted plants can help supplement what you are packing and make for a much more interesting and enjoyable trip!

Whether or not you realize it, you are in a survival situation every time you venture out into the wilderness.

Even though the author may seem a bit paranoid, there are some great ideas and concepts which could save you grief by conserving and making the most out of what you have.

With this reference, all hell will not break loose!