Having the right gear is essential for any wilderness trip. With much thought and preparation, the following list of survival tools have been selected to accompany us on our Yukon River trip.

Most of these items can be purchased directly from this website, excluding firearms. If we cannot supply these items to you, there is a link to available vendors.

More products will be added to this list as the organization of our trip progresses!


the Bedouin Annex rocks! This tent adds an attached bug-free mesh room to the front of a spacious four-person shelter.

The rain fly covers the entire tent in inclement weather, but rolls back to expose just the front room, "short sheets" from the bottom up if you want to add ventilation, or removes entirely in splitter weather.

Bug-free in the Yukon!

The Noah’s Tarp has virtually limitless setup possibilities!

This ultralight affordable shelter is handy to have aboard when you want weather protection in a hurry, whether you are traveling over land or water. Handy for boating, camping, backpacking and sporting events and festivals.

Keep the elements at bay with the high quality, one-person GearPods® Nano Tarp. Constructed of ultralight 1.28 oz double silicon coated ripstop nylon, this minimalist emergency tarp provides over 29 sq ft of protection (4.5’x6.5’) and its compact packed size and weight (just 4.8 oz) make this it truly pocket- and kit- sized.