Having the right gear is essential for any wilderness trip. With much thought and preparation, the following list of survival tools have been selected to accompany us on our Yukon River trip.

Most of these items can be purchased directly from this website, excluding firearms. If we cannot supply these items to you, there is a link to available vendors.

More products will be added to this list as the organization of our trip progresses!


The most rugged, longest lasting microfilter available. Chosen by the U.S. military and expeditions due to it's extreme durability and dependability. For those who want the best.

The Pocket hails from Katadyn's Endurance series, a high-quality line of filters that produce up to 100 times more water than standard water filters. The Pocket is so tough, in fact, that it's the first choice for extreme adventurers like Mike Horn. Plus, it's the only water filter with a 20-year warranty.

All Katadyn Products are of the highest quality, this is a good second filter to have on the Yukon River.

It is a new high performance version of the Katadyn Hiker. Combines both light, fast and easy to use with field clean-ability. Very lightweight at only 11oz!

If your filter breaks, these are a quick way to clean water without boiling. In fact, if you are concerned about viruses, it is always a good idea to play it safe and add one of these tablets to your water.

This filter will allow us to filter water without pumping! While we are rowing the boat down the river or building a fire to cook our dinner, this filter will be filtering fresh, clean water!

Zero effort!