500 miles and a month on a couple of used pontoons and a truckload of warped wood...this is how the journey will begin!

Starting from scratch, we have built a boat out of old aluminum pontoons. The boat itself is twenty feet long by ten feet wide and will comfortably hold two people on our trip down the Yukon River for two months.

With sleeping quarters, a wood stove for cooking, and ample storage for everything we need, this boat will be our home during this journey. 


Under our beds, we will store everything from food to medical supplies. Our storage space is quite large, and we will also be able to pile firewood on top of the boat. With sleeping quarters on the boat itself, we have the ability to lock the cabin at night to protect us from bears...and mosquitos!

The boat is not quite finished. More to come....

What design should we put on the boat? What should we call it?

Help us out with your ideas!

We are currently offering sponsorship prospects for companies interested in supporting our mission in exchange for valuable name placement of logos and links for advertising opportunities on our website, boat, apparel, and survival gear.