The right gear is essential for any wilderness trip, including this one. With much thought and preparation, the following list of survival tools have been selected to accompany us on our journey.

If interested, most of these items can be purchased directly from this website, excluding firearms. If we cannot supply these items to you, there is a link to available vendors.


We have chosen the most versatile, low maintenance tools possible for this trip. It is imperative that the tools chosen for any journey are capable of withstanding the rigors of the environment.

We have listed the most important tools for everyday use along the Yukon River which will make our trip more enjoyable!

Effective communication with civilization is not only necessary when in a wilderness situation, it also plays a vital role upon one’s physiological well-being.

The tools we are using for this journey not only allow us limited communication with loved ones, they also give insight  into environmental trends, which in turn determine our decision-making.

Even though we are following a river, it is imperative to keep track of progress and base decisions upon distance and weather trends.

These digital tools allow us to track our progress, plan accordingly, and make the most of our journey, given barometric trends and deductive forecasting.

Comfort.... While our boat will give us shelter on the river, it may be necessary to sleep on land. Because of this, we will be packing living quarters while on this trip. Whether we need a tent with a rainfly or a simple tarp to protect against the elements, we will have a number of options to choose from that will work well in a number of environments.

A basic knowledge of first aid is key when you are hundreds of miles away from the nearest hospital!

Some of the most useful first aid items are listed and sold here. These first aid items have been hand-selected and may serve more than one purpose.

With extreme temperatures and the need to get warm quickly if wet, the ability to start a fire quickly becomes a necessity.  Whether it be for warmth or for cooking, fire-building is what separates man from the animals.

We have chosen several tools which allow us to start a fire even in the wettest of conditions.

Do not drink the water before filtering it or treating it with chemicals! I have made the mistake of thinking that the water is clean and have ended up with Giardia or other bacteria Giardia, also known as Beaver Fever (because beaver are susceptible to this bacteria).

Drinking unclean water not only ruins your trip, it can ruin the trip for everyone!

If you are planning an extended wilderness trip, you might want to think about powering up those small convenient electronics to make your trip more enjoyable. With solar power, you can recharge everything from cameras to your GPS.

There are countless backpacks sold today. What it really comes down to in a backpack is what is most comfortable to wear and what is capable of holding the necessities that you plan on carrying.

Learning how to pack a backpack is quickly learned after backpacking a few times. You will quickly realize that you don’t need that deck of playing cards or the hatchet to chop wood at the end of the day!

It was somewhat difficult finding good reference books for our trip to the Yukon River through Canada and Alaska. After much searching, we have created a very small library with reference books that contain excellent information about the area.

Some of these books contain very good maps of the Yukon River itself; however, the most detailed maps will be the topographic USGS maps which have been installed on our Garmin GPS for the trip. Always easily accessible, these maps help show our daily progress along the river

Since we are traveling in grizzly and black bear country, it is prudent that we carry protection with us at all times. Lightweight, dependable, and easy to use firearms for protection are key factors in choosing a firearm for this type of adventure.